Garage Sales - My Pet Peeves!

Pet Peeve #1: Signs
Ok - so I'm out driving on a beautiful Saturday morning ready to do some garage sale buying. I see a sign with an arrow, so I make a quick turn and start following the directives. After about 6 turns I realize - NO SALE TODAY - the inconsiderate sellers never took their signs down from a previous sale. There should be a law! I've learned not to believe signs. I stop at unadvertised sales only if I can see them from the road I'm traveling. More than not, it's just a waste of time and gas to follow the arrows!

Pet Peeve #2: Ads
HUGE SALE YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE Sales with this type of advertising often turn out to be a single table with junk and lots of used clothing. I just want to know what's for sale. Then I'll decide if there might be something I want!

Pet Peeve #3: No Prices
I'll be more inclined to buy stuff when I don't have to ask the price of every single item. No prices = no sales from me unless it's something I'm really interested in. On the other hand, when everything is priced, I'll often grab something just because it's a good deal.

Pet Peeve #4: Pushy Sellers
I know what I want. Sellers don't. So I don't like a tour. I don't want to hear about how wonderful everything is and how I'd be getting a great bargain and how they could sell it on Ebay for so much more! So why don’t they?

So now I want to know - what are some of your pet peeves?