Amazing Walking Treasures at the Thrift Store

On one of my thrift store outings I found a couple of items amidst all the junk scattered on the shelves. It was really a mess, and the employees were bringing in more donations and stuffing them wherever they could find room. Lots of new merchandise was sitting in a cart blocking the isle, so I parked my cart a few feet away and continued searching for goodies. I was only away from the cart a minute or two, and when I returned it was empty! I quickly asked the store employee if she had emptied my cart and was answered with a definite "NO, I didn't touch it!" So I glanced around into the nearest carts, thinking maybe someone had picked them up, but I guess no one else had my taste! Resigned to the fact that I lost my treasures, I started looking at what new items the employee was stocking, and what did I see but my priceless treasures back on the shelf! I guess they must have jumped out of the cart by themselves since she didn't move them! Anyway, the moral of the story is this: Don't ever leave your finds unattended. They may walk away never to be seen again!