Shopping Strategies for Yard Sales and Thrift Stores

My Shopping Strategies for Garage Sales
 ◦Make a map, visual or mental, of the route you plan to follow. A GPS is your best option, but we all don't have that luxury of owning one.
◦Bring lots of single bills. There's nothing more embarrassing than finding a $0.50 treasure and having to pay with a $20 bill.
◦Bring some snacks and something to drink so you don't have to stop at fast food. ◦Buy what you like. Don't buy things just because they're cheap.
◦Don't insult the seller by offering a ridiculously low price on any item. If something is priced fairly and you can afford it, cough up the dough!
◦You can often purchase a number of items for one price. Keep adding stuff to your pile and then ask the seller what he/she would take for it all.
◦Don't believe everything you're told. Make up your own mind about the quality and history of an item. I doubt if that desk was really used by George Washington!

For Thrift Stores and Second Hand Shops
◦Make sure you know what time every store opens! Too many times I've arrived too early and have had to sit in the car for a half hour or more, wasting precious treasure hunting time!
◦Thrift stores are not garage sales. Many are run by charitable organizations. I don't bargain or asked for a lower price unless the item is grossly overpriced.
◦Watch you cart. I've seen things disappear.
◦My very favorite rule: If you pick something up twice, you better go home with it! If you don't, you'll be sorry. I've broken this rule too many times, so I know from experience!