Quality of Vintage

Vintage Quality

Vintage items were made to last and have withstood the test of time. Many pieces were manufactured with superior workmanship and quality, unlike some of the mass produced pieces made today. Pick up a piece of vintage pottery and notice it's weight. Look at the detail and craftsmanship found in vintage clothing. Play with a toy that won't break in a child's hand. Read a book with beautiful illustrations instead of reading a digital version.

In today's economy, the number of customers frequenting thrift and second hand shops continues to increase. Garage sales are becoming more numerous. People are buying clothes and household items at a fraction of what they would pay for new. Even worn or broken items can be repurposed, refinished, or upcycled into something new. So if you have some free time this Friday or Saturday, take a walk around your neighborhood garage sales and discover some vintage for yourself!