How to Identify and Price Vintage

The identification of vintage items is not a science. Oh, it's easy if a manufacturers mark, copyright or item name is found on a piece, but what if there's no information to be found? That's when the research begins - on the internet, in books, and through experts or appraisers. Often, however, there IS NO information to be found on a particular item. In that case, style, wear, patina, quality of workmanship, composition, etc, usually give an accurate picture of age. Unusual and unique items are sometimes compared to similar items of the same era.

Vintage is a variable market and pricing often reflects collector interest at the time of sale. Prices are constantly changing and will vary from vendor to vendor. We just do the best we can. When purchasing or selling any item, consider the value it has for you, but don't be afraid to be flexible. Today's inexpensive vintage may be tomorrow's sought after collectible or a highly prized antique may lose considerable value almost overnight.